About Us


The Tulsa SPCA was founded in 1913 by a group of volunteers dedicated to the welfare of animals. Tulsa SPCA is a community supported rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption agency for animals in the Greater Tulsa Area, and provides education to the public.

Our Vision

The Tulsa SPCA will lead a community-wide effort to improve animal welfare and strengthen the bond between animals and humans for the betterment of both.

Our Mission

To promote a quality of life for domestic animals, who provide companionship to people in the greater Tulsa area, through rescue, rehabilitation, education, advocacy and community service.

Our Core Values & Beliefs

Animals: We value animals as individual beings that deserve love, safety and humane care

Human-Animal Bond: We believe animals contribute unconditional love and acceptance, resulting in psychological and physical well-being for their companions

Responsible Pet Guardianship: We believe guardians should provide proper care and well-being for their animal companions

Animal-Human Link: We believe proper care for animals can lead to improve care for humans

Education: We believe education is key to improving pet welfare

Advocacy: We believe animals deserve a strong voice in their defense by bringing awareness to the public and promoting public policy that supports the well-being and safety of animals

Community Nexus: We believe the community plays a vital role in animal welfare through spay and neutering, support of rescue and adoption efforts, and financially supporting agencies devoted to the well-being of animals