Happy tails

We love to hear from our adopting families. Here are some stories about new companionship between people and pets, along with some fun photos of new life for our alumni dogs and cats.  Email us your family’s Happy Tail today to info@TulsaSPCA.org.


“Clyde is doing very well. He eats my shoes if I leave them out! He’s getting heavier but he’s a big lap dog. He loves to travel and gets out at rest stops for potty and play breaks. He’s great on his leash. He loves to run but is always lying with me or my daughter when we’re in the house.”

Clyde 1 Clyde 2







Hunter is now in a happy home after well over a year at the shelter. He won his new owner’s heart then took over her place on the couch. But he loves snoozing on his new bed as well!

His owner said “He took to me right away, minding me, sitting on my feet, trying to climb in my lap and now my spot. I needed him as much as he needed a home.”

hunter 1

hunter 2









“This coming Thursday will mark one month since we adopted our two kittens, Mitch and Maggie (formerly known as Pistol Pete and Oprah)!  They fight like brother and sister but love to cuddle, play, and give each other baths.  Mitch has grown a lot…he’s probably twice the size of Maggie now.  Maggie is a great jumper – she leaps the highest to get the toys we dangle overhead.  Mitch isn’t the best at landing on his feet. :)  Maggie loves to cuddle in a lap or be held and is the more vocal of the two.  Mitch is very curious and learns fast.  They are so much fun and just a great addition to our family!”

2014-11-07 18.09.35

2014-11-10 16.55.31

2014-11-07 20.04.01








“Tick has been a wonderful addition to our family. I tell him often how I’d been searching for him for so long. He is such a good boy. Full on puppy-brained silly, but a great dog for sure. He gets along great with our other Pit. She’s almost 2 years older than him but they are great companions for each other. We have our Minpin who is aging and quite cranky most of the time but even with that they all still get along and do really well together.  We have a small house so room can be tight but they have learned that outside is where we play. Tick gets along well with everyone and we couldn’t be happier that we were the blessed ones to get to adopt him.”









Ibaka’s story is a true Happy tail! She was at the shelter for a year and a half waiting patiently for her forever home. She was adopted in January of this year. Her new name is Katie.

“Katie is doing great! It’s taken a while to adjust to the sights and sounds of our household and there are still things that make her nervous, such as the ceiling fans, but she fits in very well with us. We walk at least twice a day and she absolutely loves it!  She walks extremely well on her leash so walking her is a total joy! Our neighbors who also walk have seen a huge change in her personality over the months. She’s much more relaxed. She rides in the car well, gets along great with our cats, and is there by my side through the day to be a great buddy! She is a very quiet girl. I think I have heard her bark only once. We were warned that she likes to dig and believe me she does! We do have to be out in the yard with her but that doesn’t bother us as we are out in the yard and garden quite a bit anyway. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion to be in the house with us!”








“We just passed the three month mark of when Mason moved in. He has made himself right at home and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend. He and my cat Goldie had a rough start but now they get along great. He has definitely been enjoying his yard this summer and he is getting much better at playing fetch. Thank you for all the work you do.”

Mason 1 Mason 2







Petunia is doing great!  She and I go together like peas and carrots. Tim Geen called her “Tooney” when I was at the shelter picking her up, and I decided on that name for her. Tim rescued her and I could tell that he holds a special place in his heart for her. Tooney and I are still bonding. I started working on some simple commands this week. She knows “sit” and “down” pretty well. My long term plan for us is to train Tooney as a therapy dog and visit amputees in hospitals or physical therapy and rehab institutions. Of course, we have a long way to go before that actually happens, but I believe her to be a willing participant. Tooney’s a lover! She’s smart and easily trainable. She has won a special place in my heart and she didn’t even know it. I promise I will bring her for a visit soon. 

Petunia 1

Petunia 2












“Today is this puppy’s 6 month birthday! We were definitely not looking for a new dog when we came across this guy since the two we already had are a lot of work. Something about hearing that Rocco and his brothers and sister were going to be drowned by their owner right before they were rescued changed our perspective, and bringing him home was the only option. He is such a happy puppy, and has already brought us so much happiness. We are so enjoying our job of spoiling him every day of his life! I asked him to smile but he thought winking was the better choice.”

Rocco 1 Rocco 2













Jasmine has settled in very well. I think she loves it here! She likes to go out with the other dogs and chase the squirrels, or at least lay under the tree and keep them up there! She sleeps a lot since she’s a little elderly, but that’s all she needs to do. She stays nearby us when we are home. She actually is protective too. She’ll go outside and run across the yard barking at whoever is going by! She does a little dance at treat time. She’s got the routine down now! She is definitely a sweet dog! Don’t know how or why anybody would give her up! We love her as if we had always had her…and will continue to for as long as God sees fit to share her with us! She’s our heart!”