Education and tours


We’ll arrange group tours of our facility for groups and can often offer some interactive sessions with our pets, depending on availability within the pet population and ages of the guests.

Puppies and kittens especially love to meet and play with visitors.

During the tour, we offer information about being a good pet owner, ways to teach manners to a four-footed family member, better understanding of dog or cat verbal and body language, and more.

Visitors and our dogs and cats benefit from the “up close and personal” approach as experiences in different situations and with different people build confidence.

For more information contact 918.428.7722, or email us.


Educational Presentations

Off-site educational programs are available to a variety of groups also. One of the goals of Tulsa SPCA is to help the public understand the benefits of pet ownership and appreciate the special bond that can happen between humans and their pets. The Tulsa SPCA also works to provide knowledge in the field of pet rescue and the law. Below are some presentations that are available for speaking.

Adoption a New Family Member

  • Selecting the right pet
  • What are your or your family needs and expectations
  • Planning for a new pet
  • Things to consider that may be unexpected

What is a Rescue

  • The population explosion, what makes the problem and what are the answers
  • Role of the Cruelty Investigator
  • Puppy mills, hoarders, and rescues — Oh My!
  • Abandonment, ignorance, and cruelty

It’s the Law! Or Lack of?

  • The basics of protection
  • Where to turn for help
  • How to find a lost pet and other “how to’s”
  • Too many people looking away or doing nothing

What is your pet telling you

  • Behavior and training ideas
  • Looking from a dog or cat’s point of view
  • Cats are different how
  • Joys and challenges of pet parenting

To arrange for a speaker, contact D’ann Berson directly at 918.697.1107.