Investigating cruelty

The Tulsa SPCA supports a trained cruelty investigator to check reports of animal abuse and neglect in the Tulsa area.

Dozens of calls and emails are received monthly and each report is kept confidential. This program is supported by voluntary donations, as are all SPCA activities, and is not affiliated with any law enforcement or city/state agency.

Our program works in association with municipal and law enforcement officials to rescue abused and neglected animals and to assist with documentation toward prosecution of individuals for animal cruelty, according to Oklahoma statutes.

Rescued animals receive veterinary evaluation, medical care, rehabilitation, and lots of loving care during recovery at the Tulsa SPCA shelter. When they are ready, we help these deserving dogs and cats find homes filled with kindness and caring.

Tulsa SPCA is now revamping its Clinic space and intake process, and is seeking funds for ways to aid this newest expansion need. This will allow for the Tulsa SPCA to increase the number of rescue animals served. “We Speak for Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves”, a guiding Tulsa SPCA belief for more than one hundred years, has never been more true.

If you suspect animal abuse or neglect, please fill out the Cruelty Report form below or call the Tulsa SPCA at 918.428.SPCA(7722).  We’ll make every effort to answer your email in a timely manner.

Your report can remain anonymous.

Cruelty Report:

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