Donations – Each is a Gift of Caring and Kindness

The Tulsa SPCA is supported solely by contributions from the public, bequests, grants and some fees for service to carry out our daily mission of rescue, rehabilitation and finding homes for the dogs and cats given a second chance in life.

The Tulsa SPCA is a private non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible. We provide receipts for all financial and material contributions.

Here are some ways to donate to the Tulsa SPCA:

  • Make a secure online donation. (If you would like for your donation to be used for a specific need or in honor/memory of someone, it’s simple. After you have completed your credit card information on the PayPal screen, click on the “Review and Continue” button. The next screen will show the shipping address you entered. Immediately below that address, you will see (Notes) Add. Click on the “add” link and enter your additional instructions or information there. Then don’t forget to “SAVE”.)
  • Snail mail your contribution to us at Tulsa SPCA, 2910 Mohawk Blvd., Tulsa, OK 74110
  • Set up an automatic monthly or quarterly donation by filling out this ACH Form.
  • Bring materials, goods, supplies to the shelter.
  • Sponsor specific pet living spaces such as cabins on our mobile adoption center, kennels at the shelter, or large special-needs items.
  • The Sammy Fund in memory of the founder of Companions Forever, Gary Dunbar. Donations to this fund are designated for out of the ordinary special medical needs of a dog or cat and to aid in adoption of long-time lonely hearts residents.
  • Sharing your time in countless ways through our many volunteer activities.

Your donations support the daily care of the animals whose lives and well being depend on the staff and the maintenance of an old but sturdy building.

Your generosity and kindness to the animals may be financial contributions, materials and supplies requested on our wish list, and the gift of your time volunteering in many ways.

You help us provide soft bedding and nutritious food for those animals who may have struggled to obtain barest food needs, a safe haven, veterinary care for those injured or sick and to prepare pets for their new homes, and helpful supplies used by staff.

Each donation is a gift of caring for those who have no speech to tell of their needs.

Thanks to our friends whose hearts are with us in our mission.