Volunteer Your Time

Volunteers – Our Shelter Pets Best Friends!

Volunteers help in many ways. Here are some great opportunities to come and join us:

  • Auxiliary is our oldest group of volunteers who support the Tulsa SPCA mission.  They provide many opportunities to help keep our organization strong through our MAC program, Marketing Program, Fundraising, and much more.  Orientations are every fourth Saturday of the month from 10am-12pm.
  • PALs (Pets Are Love) program are supported by teams of volunteers along with friendly dogs who regularly visit 16 area nursing homes.
  • Foster Care Program offers temporary homes for special needs situations.  This program is supported by staff and volunteers.
  • K-9 Social Club is our newest program. This is a wonderful group of volunteers that are dedicated in helping our dogs get their exercise with a good work out.  This is a great opportunity for the dogs to learn good social skills, such as walking, jogging, running on a leash, so they show off and look good for their future families.  This also is a great program to learn how to teach dogs simple commands to help them become good future furry family members.  Love Dogs?  Love to Run?  Want a Walking Buddy?  Well, we have some furry Friends who love to join you!!  For more information about the K-9 Social Club and tips,  contact auxiliary@tulsaspca.org.

New friendships blossom when people share common interests, exchange ideas and information and become an advocate and a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves. Volunteers help the pets in countless ways and often become a new shelter pet’s first human best friend. Visit our volunteer Facebook page for updates, events, and pictures.


Some age restrictions may apply for volunteer tasks. For more information on how to volunteer your time, call Terry Walker at 918.428.7722 or email her at terry.w@tulsaspca.org