What’s so great about fostering a pet? 

  • Fostering gives a second chance at life.
  • Fostering is a wonderful, life-affirming project for the entire family.
  • Fostering costs next to nothing — we provide all supplies.
  • Fostering is fun and rewarding.
  • Fostering gives a pet a break from the stress of shelter life.
  • Fostering can be done anywhere: in the city or a suburb, a house or an apartment.
  • Fostering can start whenever you are ready.
  • Fostering offers the company of pets to those unable to make a long-term commitment.


What kinds of animals need to be fostered?

Most of our shelter animals would benefit from a brief stay in a foster home but those specifically in need include…

  • Unweaned kittens or puppies – We can teach you how to bottle feed!
  • Weaned puppies or kittens – Eating on their own
  • Mothers with litters – Dog or Cat
  • Animals who may need time to recover after surgery, gain weight, be monitored, etc.
  • Dogs who require more active management like crate training, or more one-on-one human interaction than the shelter can provide
  • Dogs or cats who need a brief break from the shelter to reacquaint with humans and return more adoptable


What do I get out of fostering?

  • Supplies provided – Food, litter, crate, toys, etc.
  • Veterinary care covered – Vaccines, deworming, spay/neuter, parasite prevention, etc.
  • Support from Tulsa SPCA staff
  • Foster family training
  • A pet without a lifetime commitment
  • Satisfaction of knowing you saved a life and helped the Tulsa SPCA care for an animal in need
  • Companionship, cuddles and hours of entertainment
  • Known health benefits of caring for a pet: lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety, increased happiness, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will I have a foster animal in my home?
The average amount of time is 2-4 weeks and is based upon the animal’s need.

Q: What if I already have pets of my own?
Many foster parents already have pets of their own. We will help you evaluate your ability to care for foster animals in conjunction with your own pets.

Q: Do I need to keep my pets separated from my foster animals?
There are pros and cons to this question, so we recommend you provide an area in your home that can be completely separate and easily cleaned. Personal pets and foster animals are not required to be kept separate; however, foster parents should have the ability to do so if necessary.

Q: May I choose if I foster a dog or cat?
Absolutely! Our goal is to match you with an animal (or animals) you feel comfortable with and enjoy. You can always let the Foster Team know if you want to try something different!

Q: What if I need to go out of town or have an event that interferes with my ability to foster?
Life happens to all of us, please let our Foster Team know and we will assist you.

Q: What if I work?
Most animals, once adopted, will reside with people who have working schedules, and becoming accustomed to these routines in a foster home can make that animal much more adoptable.

Q: What cost will I incur?
We provide all necessary food and supplies, and all veterinary care is provided through the Tulsa SPCA Clinic. Please keep in mind, we are not responsible for damage caused by a foster pet. Foster parents, like all volunteers at the Tulsa SPCA, must provide proof of health insurance.


For more information, contact us at foster@tulsaspca.org.