The Tulsa SPCA is a managed intake facility.  This means we do not euthanize for space and we make intake decisions based on things like available kennel space, suitability of group housing for a particular animal’s needs and staffing levels.  Because of our commitment to ensuring resources are adequate to meet an animal’s needs (, we require surrender request forms be filled out and then schedule appointments as adequate space and care is available.  Typically, intake appointments are booked 1 – 2 weeks out. Due to staffing fluctuations, current population needs and other factors, you may sometimes notice differences in the number of animals available in our shelter.  Please understand, our entire purpose is to assist as many animals as possible so if it sometimes seems like we have fewer animals, there is a good reason.

After you apply, we will contact you via email regarding a decision. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders in case correspondence from us goes there.

Dog surrender form

Cat surrender form 

If the animal in is aggressive, in immediate danger, or cannot wait for an intake appointment, you may try reaching out to your city’s animal control to set up a surrender appointment with them.

If we can help you keep the animal in their home through medical care, supplies, or behavior support, please reach out to

To responsibly rehome your pet yourself, please make sure they are spayed or neutered and vaccinated first. This will help protect them from illness, injury, backyard breeding, and will help keep our community’s pet population under control and healthy. You can find more information on our low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine clinics at:

For more help rehoming your pet, visit: